Last words

The Mother called the sisters to her and spoke to them words of comfort and advice: “My beloved children, why are your hearts troubled like people of little faith? You know just like me that I shall not be relived for this illness. If it is the will of the heavenly Bridegroom that I leave you very soon in answer to his invitation. Let it be fulfilled. Our congregation is still an infant. You should not forget that it is your personal responsibility as members of this congregation to foster and rear it. Deal with the superiors sincerely and lovingly. Love one another, help one another”

On the morning of June 8, 1926 she was still conscious and gave her blessing to everybody around her. As the day advanced, her condition worsened and became more and more critical. At her own request, she was laid on the floor on a mat, while her spiritual father and sisters knelt down and prayed for her. She kept repeating the ejaculatory prayer “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I entrust my heart and my body into your loving hands.” The soul left for the heavenly abode at 10 pm in the presence of her Spiritual Father.