Miracles Through the Intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia

The people came to pray their last respects to Mother Mariam Thresia, talked to each other, “She lived as a saint and she will be a saint in future”…Soon after her burial the local school children began to pray at her tomb. Gradually people from different parts started visiting her tomb begging her intercession. As per the records, more than 7000 favours were reported till July 2002.

Miraculous Cure of Rheumatism-Sr.Claudia Chf

In May 1950, I was admitted as a postulant in the Congregation of the Holy Family. After sometime I had an attack of a special kind of rheumatism (hyper topic Osteoarthropathy), resulting in the limbs becoming stiff and immovable. The noted Ayurvedic doctors such as Moose, Nambisan, Thottan and assistant doctor Imman Khan treated me and they were of opinion that the illness was incurable. In order to continue my religious life, the novice mistress directed me to pray at the tomb of Mariam Thresia. We began praying. On the ninth day of the novena the pain was more sever than usual. Around midnight a Sister resembling the novice mistress approached me: “Now you are better, aren’t you? The pain has left you. It won’t recur but you will have other pains which will secure for you heavenly rewards.” So saying the Sister departed, walking away.

I felt relieved of my pain immediately. I got up and sat on the bed. I realized that I was cured completely. Next morning I joined the other sisters for prayers in the chapel. They were surprised to see me. I told the novice mistress all that had happened the previous night. She told me that she had not come to my room the previous night. It was Mother Mariam Thresia who had appeared to me and relieved me of my pain. To be sure of my recovery I was examined by Dr. Imman Khan of Mala Hospital. He was surprised to see me fully healed and gave me a certificate of complete cure. I have never again been troubled by this disease. I am fully convinced that I was cured by the intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia. However, as I was warned, however, I am now suffering many other pains.

Sr. Claudia, CHF,Kuzhikkattussery,April 11, 1965


I was suffering from a sickness that required an operation. It was suspected to be cancer and the doctors were afraid that I might collapse in the operation theatre itself. At that time my superior kept a relic of Mother Mariam Thresia and also arranged to have a Holy Mass in honour of Mother Mariam Thresia, besides daily prayers. The operation was a very risky one and I was given transfusion of blood and oxygen. After the operation I was fully cured. The operation was on 23 April. The doctors felt that I might survive only six months. But till this day I continue to be well. Now there is no sign of cancer. I firmly believe that this is a grace I have received through Mother Mariam Thresia. Aranattukara, Sr.Camilla, CHF 2-12-1968


Mrs. Rosy Cyriac Valavy, Lecturer, Nirmala College Muvattupuzha I am now forty-three years old. My husband and I had no children and it pained us very much. We had consultations with many doctors and I took different treatments but to no avail. All those whom we consulted were of the opinion that there was no possibility of our having a child. Then one day, accompanied by my father and my husband, we visited the room in which Mother Mariam Thresia died. We knelt down in the room and prayed. I prayed and told her that I would believe in her if she worked a miracle in me and gave me a child. Not much later, I had indications that the miracle was happening in me. On September 2, 1974 I got a daughter through the intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia. We called the child Mariam Thresia. Muvattupuzha,
Mrs. Rosy Cyriac. 22-4-1978

CURE OF STOMACH Signora Giovanna Giansante Marulli of Rome

My long stay in Dr.Gauneri clinic here at Rome has at last ended after more than six months. Actually I was admitted in that hospital on 15 July 1976. On 21st of the same month I was operated on and the doctor removed four fifths of my stomach. Two days later, my condition got worse and I had to be operated on again on account of pancreatitis…On 20 August I was operated on for the third time….As my health conditions were very bad, my husband took the advice of Prof.Fegis of the University of Rome. He advised to keep up the drainages….Your very good mother superior who was nursing me with care and compassion, gave me a picture of Mother Mariam Thresia. Since then my husband and I fervently prayed to Mother Mariam Thresia for her intercession with the Lord for my recovery…On 23 September, my intestine was removed; but the hole and the wounds remained open…My trust in Mother Mariam Thresia was great and I still believed in her intercession to obtain recovery. During the days after Christmas my wounds began to heal fast. The big hole on my belly too got healed. In a few days time, I could cheer up and say at last that I am fully recovered…. Rome,
Giovanna Giansante Marulli. 28-1-1977.


Sr.Kripa CHF, Miss Mariam and I were on a journey from Ranchi to Bhagalpur. We met with a major accident on the way. I had a head injury and as a result, I was unconscious for ten days. The Rev Sisters and my parents were very sad and anxious about me. They prayed earnestly to Mother Mariam Thresia. After ten days the doctor at the Patna Hospital advised us to take me to Professor Dr. H.P. Naryanan, famous neurosurgeon and the head of the department in Ranch Medical College Hospital. Then the sisters of the Congregation of the Holy Family, who were in Bihar, reported this matter to the Superior General and the Provincial in Trichur, Kerala. The sisters of the congregation, especially the sisters of Kuzhikkattussery convent, where the tomb is situated, prayed at the tomb of the Servant of God Mother Mariam Thresia continuously for my speedy cure. As soon as I was admitted in the Medical College Hospital, they took the X-ray of my head. Seeing the X-ray and my condition, the doctor said that there was bleeding inside. On 4 July morning I was operated upon, and to the surprise of everybody, there was no bleeding inside. The doctor gave two or three months time for my fully recovery. After this my responses became complete and normal. We fully believe that this miraculous cure was only through the intercession of the Servant of God Mother Mariam Thresia.
Gumla, Bihar, Antonia Kullu, D/o Joachim Kullu 12-5-1982.


While I was playing Football, I fell down and broke a bone in the leg. I realized that the bone was broken; I went to have medical treatment. I had to go to several hospitals one after another – Aluva, Chalakudy, Pazhavanangad, Thiruvananthapuram and Vellore. Everybody said that the leg had to be amputated. In my utter despair, I started to pray to Mother Mariam Thresia fervently. One night during sleep I felt that Rev. Mother came and put her hand on my head and said, “You will be fully healed, and you will lead a good life.” The next day I underwent an operation in Vellore Hospital and my leg was healed without the dreaded amputation. Vettukadavu, Chalakudy,
Rajan.C.P, Kuttala. 2-7-1984.


I was suffering from a sever infection of the ear. Because of the pain and giddiness, it was difficult for me to examine the patients. Though I took the prescribed medicines regularly, there was not much change. I consulted an E.N.T. specialist. He diagnosed my disease as “perforation of the tympanum” and informed me about the need of a surgery. As a trial he gave me some more medicines, which actually I was already tried of taking. Surgery was not something that I wanted to go through and I was worried. It was in those days that a Carmelite priest gave me a picture of the Servant of God Mother Mariam Thresia and the prayer for the novena in her honour. I placed the picture on my table and said the novena regularly as I took the medicines. With in 21 days I was well now. Even the doctor was surprised at my recovery. I firmly believe that I recovered through the intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia. I have told many of my patients about my miraculous cure. That is my way of expressing my gratitude towards Mother Mariam Thresia.
Vimala Hospital, Mala Dr.JosephStanley. 24-08-1985.


My daughter Raji was a cripple from birth. After an operation she could hardly walk with her shoes on. When I went to Kuzhikkattussery High school, I happened to hear about Mother Mariam Thresia. I stared praying for her intercession. The very next day I visited the tomb with my daughter and prayed for a long time. That night I was keeping awake praying for my daughter. Suddenly I felt that she got well. After the prayer, to my surprise I found that she was cured. My daughter could walk freely. I am convinced that this happened through the intercession of Mother Mariam Thresia. Aranattukara,
Mrs. Annie George. 14-06-1984.


My grand daughter Subha had a sever attack of diarrhea and she was vomiting too. We took her to the nearby hospital. We were afraid that she would die on the way. She was quickly admitted to the hospital, but her condition worsened. Her body and eyes became sill. The doctor said that she was breathing her last. We sat around her in tears, watching her die. It was 8 p. m, when a nun working in that hospital, named Sr. Treesa Ambooken, came to see the child. She said that only a miracle could cure the child. She gave us a prayer to Mother Mariam Thresia, printed in Tamil. With much faith, we continuously repeated the prayer. At midnight, the child opened of eyes, moved her limbs and started smiling and talking. She was completely cured for her illness. The doctors and the people around couldn’t believe their eyes. We praised God and thanked Mother Mariam Thresia. From that day onwards we are calling her by a new name “Kochurani” (“Little Queen”, a Christian name), even though we are Tamil Hindus. Tuticorin,
Mr.V.Balakrishnan. 10-8-1988.