Prediction of death

Mother Mariam Thresia somehow knew that her death was imminent and told so to some sisters. Sr.Metilda, one of the junior sisters, wrote in her testimony:

While I was in Thumboor Convent, after the blessing of the convent one day Mother called me also when she went to the compound and showed me how to cultivate the vegetables. There was swelling on her leg. While we were returning from the compound, mother told me, “I shall not live long. This sickness of my leg is sent by God in order to take me from you.” I asked Mother, “Why do you say so? Because of this wound on your leg you will not die.” Then Mother said, “Not that I shall not live long, I will be gone soon. Don’t think that you are still young, but learn everything and do every thing well.” Hearing this I stayed behind and started to cry. Then Mother looked back at me and seeing that I was crying she held me close to her and tried to comfort me.

Sr.Kochuthresia, her niece also recalls that Mother had foretold her death: “Rev.Mother knew that her death was very near.”